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Product Name                       : Voacanga

Scientific Name                     : Voacanga Africana

Common Name                     : Voacanga

Local Name (Akan)              :  Obonawa


Ecology and Botany


Voacanga Africana is an evergreen shrub native to Western Africa, specifically Ghana and Ivory Coast. The plant is widely distributed over the secondary forest and transitional zones.The tree is between 10-30 feet tall with white or yellow flowers. The seeds are numerous, dark brown and ellipsoid in shape, embedded in pulp.

It is mostly found in the wild and as a shade plant around communities but occasionally cultivated on commercial basis in certain parts of Ghana.  The plant is distributed over the southern and the middle belt of the country. Very high concentrations exist in Agona. Asikuma, Ejumako, Assin, and Abura-Asebu districts of the central region; Birim South and Fanteakwa districts of the Eastern Region: Amansie East and Effiduasi districts of Ashanti Region: Sunyani and Dormaa districts of the Brong Ahafo region; and Wassa-Amenfi district of the western region.

The plant flowers in May and fruits mature in July



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