Country Director, Cooperate Leadership, Partnership & Investments

Juliana Asante-Dartey is an Agribusiness Development and Finance Specialist with over 16 years’ experience in African agricultural development and trade. She has designed and implemented strategies to strengthen agribusiness value chains tied to viable market opportunities and has facilitated trade of over $60M in high value horticultural products, built the capacities of over 12,000 collectors/farmers and 80 SMEs in over 200 communities in Sub-Sahara Africa.

As Country Director, she provides strategic and financial oversight across varied projects and multi-stakeholder, multi-institutional, interdisciplinary/multi-cultural teams with an annual budget of $1,000,000.  She directs financial planning and has a proven record of developing and implementing financial controls for effective project funds’ utilization and resource management.  She has also provided technical, managerial and operational expertise in executing European, USAID and government funded developmental projects including – Jubilee Partners and ICCOO livelihood programmes, USAID EHELD, Horticultural CRSP, PFID, EOPACT, PROSPER, TIPCEE, UNDP-SOPMEP and Government of Ghana’s Forestry Commission, Skills Development Fund and Export development and programmes- that have enhanced rural incomes and expanded livelihood opportunities for over 1,500 smallholder households.


Mrs. Asante-Dartey has expertise in providing mentoring and hand-holding support to SMEs especially women groups and youth through direct training and guidance as well as facilitating internships and business support expert placements.  She has also supervised graduate training and career development by collaborating with leading US universities to undertake faculty capacity building for challenged Liberian faculties through a Master programme sponsorship and fund administration/logistical support for graduate students.

In her experience she has facilitated internal cooperation and strategic partnerships, providing leadership and financial reporting support in deepening the programmatic approach of the Euro 900,000 Sustainable Forest Management Partnership in Ghana.  She spearheaded the development of National Trade Standards for two leading medicinal export crops of Ghana managing a multi-stakeholder process involving Government regulatory agencies, industry, major buyers, research institutions and other development partners. Additionally, she has managed relationships with key research and teaching Universities/institutions to promote applied research and technology transfer of improved production, harvesting and post-harvesting practices to farmers and collector groups.  Mrs. Asante-Dartey has a deep understanding of the agribusiness value chain development landscape which she applies to Human and Institutional capacity advancement. She has conceptualize, designed and implemented capacity building models for women groups. Youth, smallholders, FBOs, partner organizations and support service providers among others.

She has consulted for several organizations in Ghana, Liberia, Burkina Faso, Kenya, Zambia, South Africa, Senegal, Benin and Nigeria including GIZ, AGRA, NEPAD, FARA, USAID, UNDP and IMANI International.  She serves as a board member for Tropenboos international Ghana,

Juliana Asante-Dartey has degrees in Master’s in Business Administration (International marketing & Finance) and Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics.



  • Programme conceptualization, execution and management
  • Financial planning and management, budget development and management
  • Trade and Export promotion
  • Partnerships development and management of multi-institutional/inter-disciplinary and cross cultural projects
  • Entrepreneurship and SME development
  • Value chain facilitation and supply chain management
  • Design, execution and management of Livelihood and Enterprise development programmes
  • Developing Business plans, conducting value chain assessments, feasibility studies and market analysis
  • Human/Institutional capacity development and transfer of productivity enhancing technologies