Deputy Country Director, Ghana & Liberia

Mr. Larry Amekuse is an Agribusiness Development/Value Chain and Training Consultant. He served as a consultant to several local and international institutions including the TRIAS (a Dutch based NGO), USAID, Agri-Impact Consult, SPEED Ghana and ICCO from the Netherlands. He has over eight years intensive working experience with SME’s in the Agribusiness Sector, farmers and collectors of NTFPs, spices and specialty vegetables across West Africa.
He has provided technical, managerial and operational expertise in executing European, USAID and government funded developmental projects that have enhanced rural incomes and expanded livelihood opportunities for over 1,200 smallholder households. As Program Director (Dep. Country Director), He provides strategic oversight across varied projects and multi-stakeholder, multi-institutional, interdisciplinary/multi-cultural teams with an annual budget of $600,000. He has a proven record of developing and implementing financial/operational controls for effective project funds utilization and resource management.

His support to SME’s in Ghana and Liberia has generated sales of over $30million in five years. He has a good understanding of the local natural products industry and international markets and has worked with public agencies and departments, and researchers, over 60 exporters and herbal manufacturers, 2 product associations, 30 rural enterprises and 4,000 collectors and agents in Ghana as well as leading buyers in South Africa and USA. Mr. Larry Amekuse has co-authored several publications on natural products including spices, herbal teas and medicinal plants.

He has been involved in several market development and value chain studies across Africa including Market Development and Commercialization of Non-Timber Forest Products for Food Security and Income generation in Liberia. Mr. Amekuse was engaged as a consultant in a study on the Roles and Opportunities for the Private Sector in Africa’s Agro-Food Industry in Africa (UNDP AFIM), the reviewing of Regional Agricultural Investment Plans for ECOWAS and Agro-forestry Development Programme for Millennium Challenge Corporation (Burkina Faso).

He has been involved in several high value horticultural initiatives in Ghana and Liberia. He just successfully executed the Sustainable Forest Management Project in Ghana for income generation and increased export value fund by ICCO, from the Netherlands and PFID from USAID. He worked with private sector firms to smoothen value chain constraints in products mobilization, increase operational efficiency and effectiveness and production scheduling for these projects. In addition, he was also the team leader for the development of Market Information System for NTFPs employing the TradeNet (Now ESOKO) platform (a collaborative work with Business Internet and IFDC with support from SPEED Ghana). Mr. Amekuse was responsible for designing monitoring indicators and assisting in mid-year reviews of Donor assisted Projects.

Larry holds a BSc. (Hons.) Agriculture from KNUST and an Executive MBA in Project Management from the University of Ghana.

 Agri-business Enterprise Formation and Nurturing
 Developing Alternate Livelihood Programmes for vulnerable populations
 Supply Chain Management and Value Chain Analysis
 Developing agribusiness models to improve economic conditions of rural communities
 Building partnerships, managing multi-sectorial/inter-disciplinary projects
 Identifying, promoting and developing new products and business opportunities
 Developing Business Plans, conducting sub-sector studies, feasibility studies and market analysis
 Developing markets, negotiating trade and supply contracts and creating market access SMEs
 Providing technical training and supervision in the transfer of appropriate technologies to community-based enterprises
 Supervising and managing research trials, development of quality standards, establishment of quality control systems and capacity building